Good News & Bad News

Welp… I’ve got good news and bad news…

The bad news: I tripped and fell last week. I wound up with a comminuted fractured radial head (i.e. multiple fractures of the end of the radius bone in the elbow).

This means I won’t be playing guitar for the foreseeable future, as the radius is the forearm bone responsible for rotation of the arm (among other things). I cannot lift or basically use my left arm for much. I am in a sling until further notice. I also cannot drive, until cleared by my specialist.

I think the emotional side of it has been the worst… I’ve waited so long for approval to start working in the US, and now I’m back in a holding pattern. I’ll be holding off on booking anything new for the time being, until I know I can hold my own ground musically. This also (obviously) means no busking for a bit.

The good news: I don’t need surgery and this type of fracture does not require a cast. It’s best to get moving as soon as possible to reestablish range of motion and prevent atrophy. They also expect a full recovery, in time, with proper physical therapy.

The other good news: I’ve managed to rope my husband (Dave Hannon) into playing guitar for me for any currently booked shows. So, now you’re getting a two-for-one night 🙂 at Vinifera this coming Wednesday!