Spring 2022 Update

It’s been a bit since my last real update… I can’t say I haven’t had my hands full. 

As most of you know, I gave birth to our beautiful, smart, funny, curious baby girl, Libby, last September. I took a few months off to recover from the pregnancy and sleep deprivation – but I was back into gigging by November/December last year. 

Libby is now 8 months old and growing like a weed. It really does go as fast as they say it does! 

With that said, I am definitely back in the swing of playing gigs. This week I’m playing 4/5 days in a row (and I’m STOKED to be out gigging!). The only thing different between now and last summer is that Dave Hannon and I are less likely to book a duo show (at the moment anyway). It’s just until we can get child care figured out as a regular thing (and for Mommy to be okay with leaving her precious baby with anyone other than her Dad). Because of this, Dave and I also have to be a little more particular about scheduling so that we are not both booked on the same night. This is one of the many reasons I’m grateful that we didn’t jump into forming a band and booking ourselves solely as a duo, under one name. This is just for the time-being. It won’t be forever. We will be back to playing together soon enough… I love playing music with my husband too much to give it up for good.

This summer is already starting to fill up with live music dates and I cannot wait to play for you. If you’re a venue looking for live music or a fan with a great space for a house/backyard concert, please feel free to reach out for my availability. 

For currently booked dates, please check out the Upcoming Shows page!

~ Nicola