November 2017 Newsletter

It’s been a loooooooong time coming (or so it feels from this side of the computer screen)… but, alas, I have finally relaunched and it sure feels good to be able to share it with you! Please take a minute to check out everything the site has to offer.

Having spent the last week or so going back through the recesses of Facebook posts and concert listings to compile my archive show history for the shows page, I’ve learned (or, at least, reminded myself of) a few things:

  1. I love playing music. As musicians, sometimes it’s hard for us to remember why we work so hard at music. It’s not exactly the most lucrative endeavour… but it is, in its own way, very rewarding. Music feeds the soul. I play music because I love it. Looking back on where I came from, who I’ve played with and where I’ve played – from soft-seat theatres, to bars, to cafes, to open mics (and to my living room, playing for my cat) – it has all been a great experience and I appreciate every minute of it.
  2. Writing, for me, is a catharsis. It feels so good to have exercised that writing muscle and finished a new riff, a new lyric or even, if I’m lucky, a new song. There’s a feeling of accomplishment when that fleeting thought in my brain evolves into a finished product. Sometimes I don’t even know where it all comes from. I’ve said for many years that I don’t write songs; I’m the vehicle through which songs write themselves. Songs like Be Something and Show Me Yours were written in as much time as it took to put pen to paper, with very little editing. Washington Sky was written while out on the road, after receiving some bad news from home. It wasn’t until after the song was written and I had returned home from my trip that I realized what it was about: the need to keep going when the going gets tough. Turn the Tables was another one of those songs and has become somewhat of a personal anthem – a song about believing in oneself, following your dreams and trusting your gut. I find it just as empowering to sing it today, as the day I wrote it.
  3. I love being able to offer my musical services for charitable causes I truly believe in. I didn’t realize how many non-profit events and fundraisers I have been a part of over the years until I actually looked through the archives. Volunteering has always been something I feel strongly about when the cause is close to my heart. It’s great to know that I have something to offer to help build up those around me. Music really does bring us together!

So, in addition to relaunching a website, I also took a few minutes to put together this lyric video for my song, I Wonderfrom my debut EP SightlineI hope you enjoy it!

Thanks for listening!