Live in Bremerton Album Release!

Last year I played a show at Rimbert Illustration in Bremerton, WA with Ian Webb on percussion. Jack Parker from Homegrown Recording Co. recorded and mixed our set for us… and I’m so excited to announce that I will be releasing this recording physically and digitally on October 11, 2023!

I had already booked a show on that date at the Mill Steakhouse in Milton to celebrate my birthday, so I figured why not make it an album release too – and REALLY celebrate!

I named the album “Live in Bremerton” as a bit of a play on words… if you knew me in high school, you’d know I LOVED my MXPX “Move to Bremerton” CD single. Every time I would drive the freeway between Victoria and Tacoma, I’d pass the exits for Bremerton and the song would be immediately playing in my head. The word “Live” could mean a recording in front of a live audience OR it could mean moving and physically living in Bremerton, as referenced in the song (and Jack played in MXPX for a bit, so there’s that too)…

This album was mastered by Jamie Hill, Department of Energy Management, Tacoma, WA. Cover photo by Jeff Ross Photography, Surprise, AZ. Album design is by yours truly.

Nicola Linde – Guitar & Vocals
Ian Webb – Percussion

YES! I did an order of CDs! As much as they aren’t *as* popular, I do sell them enough to warrant having them available at shows. The cool thing is I had the album replicated from a glass master (not short-run/duplicated, which really is a glorified burned disc)… this means my CD’s will actually play in your car!

For a FULL 3D preview of the album, click here:

This Wednesday’s show runs 7-9pm and I’d love to celebrate my album release (and my birthday) with you!