February 2018 Newsletter

It all started with a photoshoot…

Last March, I booked a photoshoot with Colin Smith Photography in preparation of promoting my soon-to-be-released EP, Sightline. Having grown up in the Cowichan Valley, I was aware of this particular location and had visited the site several times over the years. I knew it would be the right backdrop for our session. I also knew that Colin (and his wife, Jeanette – who was a rockstar with the photography lights and overall enjoyment of the shoot in the freezing cold winter weather) would be extremely respectful of the grounds and the people that once frequented the now abandoned, derelict church. Photos from that session can be viewed here.

Since our shoot, Colin returned to the church – shooting it from the outside, where the building could be the main subject in the photographs. The experience led him to create West Coast Abandoned Adventures, a Facebook page dedicated to finding life and appreciation in places and structures abandoned on the west coast of Canada. The page has been, primarily, a way for Colin to grab the camera, get out from behind a smartphone, have fun, and explore what our beautiful island has to offer… but it seems that the project has blossomed into something a little more. Tonight, West Coast Abandoned Adventures was featured on CTV’s Sawatsky Sign-Off and I am SO proud of him! (Please, go give his page a “Like”!)

On a musical note, I got to catch 54-40 perform their “A History Unplugged” show featuring Daniel Lapp at the McPherson Theatre and they did not disappoint! It was great to hear acoustic versions of songs spanning the band’s 36 year career. A little fun fact: Smiling Buddha Cabaret was one of the first rock albums I ever bought – and is still in regular rotation in my car.

Lastly… as promised, here’s the monthly video release:

This is “Bandaid Roses (If You Do)” from the June 9, 2017 Sightline EP Release show at Gorgeous CoffeeHope you enjoy it!