Baby News!

Well, I may not have gone into labour AT the Green Day concert (as we’ve been joking I would, for weeks now), but it’s quite possible that the The Hella Mega Tour-Green Day/Fall Out Boy/Weezer Seattle concert got something started (she was punching me in the hips to the music the whole time Weezer was playing and I went into active labour less than 24 hours after the show – 10 days early)!

Welcome to the world:Elizabeth (Libby) Grace Hannon
Born Sept 8, 2021 at 11:13am… 9lbs 8oz!!!
20.5”… she was named after my Aunt (her Great Aunt) Elizabeth


Dave Hannon was such an awesome support and birthing partner. I am so grateful that not only did I have him by my side, but our daughter gets to have him as her Daddy.

We are so over the moon excited to get to know our daughter! She is very strong and has lungs like her mama


Thanks for all your support and well wishes!