2023 New Year/Mid-Winter Update

Isn’t it crazy how time just keeps flying by? It’s been a bit, so I figured it was time for another update…

The first batch of my handmade beanies announced in the last news post sold out before the end of 2022. This was much faster than I expected, which is a fantastic problem to have. I made a new batch and have already sold out of most of those. I will continue to add beanies to the bunch as they sell, so if there’s a particular colour or style you’re looking for, keep checking back – you never know when your favourite will be in stock! I’m currently selling these exclusively at live performances. It’s so much more enjoyable for me to see you when you get to take your beanie home!

Between my calendar and Dave Hannon’s calendar, our plates are full. We just spent the last week with 9/10 days playing shows (between the two of us), while Dave was on mid-winter break from school teaching. In addition to teaching, performing music and being a dad to our toddler, Libby, Dave is also taking classes at PLU for a new teaching certification, so he can add ELL to his ELA and Social Studies certificates. Some days it seems like we are ships passing in the night.

With all that said, (for those that made it this far, here’s a little teaser for you…) I did a performance with our percussionist, Ian Webb, at a venue last fall that was recorded, and at some point I will be releasing those live tracks for purchase (I legit just need to find the time to finish artwork, figure out logistics of release and promote). Being a parent to a toddler has taught me that my time is not my own anymore and patience is key. I’ll do my best to get this out to you when I can.

As for where to see us perform, please check our upcoming shows pages for where you can catch us live. We try to update these pages as often as we can, but you can also check our social media pages – or just email us and we’d be happy to let you know when we are playing in your area next!

Our spring/summer music calendars are already filling up. If you are looking to book either or both of us for an event or private party, please reach out to us – it’s not too early to get these things onto the calendar. We love playing house parties/concerts and would love to add some musical fun to your event!