Thanks for inquiring about my booking availability!

In addition to performing my own original music, I am also available to perform a mix of covers for private events, happy hours, tasting rooms and <insert your booking needs here>.

If you would like to book a duo, my husband, Dave Hannon, can also accompany me (depending on his availability).

If you have any questions, I’d be happy to answer them. You can contact me at

Here you’ll find:

  • a downloadable hi-res stock poster for easy printing in various sizes (11×17 poster, 8.5×14 legal and 8.5×11 letter)
  • a short biography for your event description:

With a whisper-to-a-scream voice to match the intensity of her lyrics, Nicola Linde is a singer-songwriter with an edge. Nicola creates a sound that ranges from aggressive, to ethereal, to wistful, while always maintaining a captivating intensity. Originally from Victoria, BC, Canada, Nicola Linde moved to Tacoma, WA, USA as a 90-day fiancĂ©e in September 2018. She is excited, yet humbled, to be a new member of the incredibly talented, positive and supportive music scene in the Tacoma, WA, area. 

  • a sample list of some songs that I cover, spanning the past few decades (to zoom in, right click on the list and “open in new tab”):
  • YouTube links to samples of songs I cover:
Dreams – Fleetwood Mac Cover
Let It Rain – Amanda Marshall Cover
She – Green Day Cover
Pour Some Sugar On Me – Def Leppard Cover
(A little faster than usual)
Stay – Lisa Loeb Cover
Not A Pretty Girl – Ani DiFranco Cover
Not Ready To Make Nice – Dixie Chicks Cover