Nicola Linde is a powerful performer and songwriter. With a big voice to match the intensity of her lyrics, Nicola is an artist with a feminine edge. The perspective is definitely female, but the impact is visceral. Her stance is strong. Her delivery is assertive. She has enough energy and passion to cut her own way through the crowd and stay on par with the boys. Nicola is a multi-instrumentalist¬†who has been playing and writing for more than fifteen years. Her material speaks the truth of being a young woman today in a way that transcends gender. Love gone wrong and jobs that never went right, heartache, soul-searching and triumph find their voice in Nicola’s songcraft. Backed by a core band of seasoned rockers, Nicola Linde creates a sound that ranges from aggressive to ethereal to wistful, but always maintains a captivating intensity.

Born and raised on southern Vancouver Island, Nicola Linde pursued piano, guitar and bass early in life. Through playing bass and co-writing with many talented local musicians, Nicola gained a performing comfort and presence that beckoned her to strike out on her own to give voice to her own material. As a solo performer with a full band backup, Nicola has developed a style of playing and singing that, even with the influences showing, is all her own. Nicola Linde is not afraid of pounding on her guitar and singing about what’s on her mind with songs that are raw, confessional, emotional, and unapologetic.

Nicola Linde has opened for Doug & the Slugs, Barney Bentall & the Legendary Hearts and Jeff Campbell (Guitar Center Singer Songwriter 2 Winner from San Francisco)¬†and soon… Chilliwack

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